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domingo, novembro 24, 2013

How a song has the power to bring so many memories

Um post para alguém em particular.

Two days in a row a song plays on my radio. Two days in a row at the very same hour. Two days in a row a lot of memories cross my mind...
I don't know what it means (if it's suppose to mean something) but when things like this happens, I like to think that you also still remember.

The years pass by, but some feelings don't. They remain asleep (just) until a certain song revoke memories that  after all did never leaves us.

This song is the key for a box of (bitter)sweet memories of good times. Times when MY song did become OUR song. There were many bad memories but I only want to keep the best.
Now, we both have different lives, another loves...
Now, this song is only mine again but it will always remind me of those precious times.

I didn't wish to go back in time. "I just wanna stay with you in that moment forever".